Legal Shield by Trinity Solutions

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The Brookville Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Trinity Solutions to offer Legal Services and Identity Theft Protection to its members.

Identity theft is everywhere. It affects every age group, every demographic, every state…the thieves are not partial to who they go after!

Plan Memberships offer:

  • Unlimited Legal Consultations
  • Comprehensive Identity Theft Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Access to Attorneys
  • Complimentary Will Preparation
  • Letters Written on Your Behalf
  • Low, Affordable Monthly Fee
  • And Many Additional Benefits…

If you are a chamber member you will be able to receive these services at a discounted group rate and you will be investing money back into the chamber at the same time.

Trinity Solutions LLC offers a unique service experience when working with clients and organizations across all industries. Our mission is to provide each client with specialized Identity Theft and Legal Services to meet the needs of their employees and the company.