Ben Lawry Class Master Core Class (On Water) & Forward Stroke

May 6, 2017 – May 7, 2017 all-day

Ben Lawry class Master Core Class (On Water) & Forward Stroke

May 6 at 9 AM to May 7 at 4 PM

1150 Keystone Park Rd, Derry, Pennsylvania 15627

Class by Ben Lawry will be a two day class. You can sign up for one day or both days. $100 for one day and $175 for both days.

Day 1
Master Core Class (On Water) = Core Paddling 1 + 2 in one day
Core Paddling 1 (On Water)
�This class covers the fundamentals of kayaking, the underpinning of all skills. A great class for new and practiced paddlers to learn and/or re-visit mechanically sound, ergonomically correct techniques. Its goal is to provide an efficient set of skills for people to grow through their kayaking career. The subjects covered are correct grip and hand placement on the paddle shaft, check on boat fit and an explanation of terms. Balance, posture and tilting are covered as is correct blade and boat use to guarantee a good foundation to grow from. Strokes covered may include forward and reverse sweeps, pivot turns, reverse stroke, forward stroke and low braces.

Core Paddling 2 (On Water)
�Continuing to build mechanically sound, ergonomically correct techniques, we will play with the difference between draw strokes and rudder strokes and focus on the appropriateness and selection of the stroke. A keen interest will be on safety and ergonomics whilst we keep the boat moving smoothly in our intended arc. Time will be spent looking at how to set up the boat, paddle and torso to make the strokes most effective. We also will look at high bracing safely and possibly setting up for rolls.
Prerequisite — Core Paddling 1

Day 2

Forward Stroke (On Water)�
Over 99% of your time is spent paddling forward, yet it is very rarely talked about or taught. This is the introduction to get you set on the correct path for a more enjoyable and efficient paddling career. Efficiency and correct body use are the keys here to keep you paddling for hours at a time with ease and grace. We start with exercises on the ground and work on our form and theory. Then we move to the water and into our kayaks. Read an article from about this class.
Prerequisite — Core Paddling 1 (Optional: Core Paddling 2 — your results will be much better.)