Connecting Cook Forest

Connecting Cook Forest

Visitors to the park can now stay connected via a new free WiFi hotspot available at the park office.  The hotspot was unveiled today at a ceremony on the steps of the Inn at Cook Forest.  The project was part of a joint effort between the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau, Cook Forest State Park/DCNR, North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission, and Pennsylvania State Police Radio Network.

“Visitors have told us that they wish they could connect when in the park instead of having to drive 30 minutes to get a signal.  The new WiFi hotspot at the park office will enable visitors to do just that.  Some of the charm of Cook Forest is being able to unplug and unwind.  The entire park is not connected, but there is a hotspot now available for those who want to use it. When guests login they are taken to the Cook Forest page on  Several other businesses along the river have added WiFi hotspots as well. We look forward to seeing people share their pictures and adventures in Cook Forest on Facebook and other social media.  PAGO is also very happy to announce, as part of this project, we now have streaming video 24/7 from our new Clarion River Cam located at Pale Whale Canoe Fleet on River Road at

I am hoping this is the first of many live cameras throughout the region.” John Straitiff-Executive Director

The mission of the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau is to develop and initiate programs and marketing strategies with the specific intent of increasing overnight travel related expenditures within its designated region and to create a cooperative effort to increase awareness of this region as an ultimate vacation destination.  PAGO is the designated marketing organization (DMO) for Clarion, Jefferson, Elk, Forest, and Cameron Counties.


Front row: L-R Deborah Pontzer from Congressman Glenn Thompson’s office & Catherine Coleman-PA Great Outdoor Visitors Bureau Operations Manager.

Middle row: Jim Swanson Director of Information Technology at North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission and Jamie Popson- PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau Website & Social Media Coordinator

Back row: Ryan Borcz Park Manager, Ed Matts-NCPRPDC Technology Director, John Straitiff-PAGO Executive Director