The Brookville Area Chamber of Commerce office is in an historic building located at 278 Main Street that formerly housed Snyders Dry Cleaning.

The Chamber, too, goes back into Brookville’s history with the first meeting being held in November of 1925.  At this meeting the Brookville Business Mens’ Association, organized in 1923, and the Chamber of Commerce were merged together to be known as the Brookville Chamber of Commerce.  This newly formed group immediately addressed issues such as industry development, civic improvement, park and street improvement, the tourist trade and promoting Brookville.

Since then, the Chamber has been a recognizable organization working within the community with many of the same goals at hand. The Chamber is sustained and empowered by its membership and, in communicating and working together, has been instrumental in attaining great strides in our area.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Brookville Area Chamber of Commerce is to stimulate the economic climate of the area, promote membership businesses and assist with civic activities which enhance the quality of life of our community.